To Future Us by Warda Firdous

Thursday, July 20, 2017 KELS 0 Comments Category : ,

When the sun gets high and your spirits are low
When you feel like you no more belong
When life takes you far far away
But the days are the same and too long
Think of all the dawns that we watched
Sipping our cold coffee on roof tops
Forgetting every care in the world
Rambling on about friends and the shops
About the people who now are but a blur in the past
About missing our cities and the food by our moms
About the changes we went through all but at once
About how different we wee when back at our homes
Think of our smiles and the promise you made
You wont lose our pictures or hide em away
You'll put them where your kids would see
And ask you that who these people would be
Tell them they are who i was once
They are curiosity and joy and randomness
For gone would be the times but not the memory
Of who we were then who we wanted to be
And I hope far down the lane of the time
When you get upset i make you smile
Maybe i wont be around to tell you again
But i hope my memory will lessen the pain
By popping in your mind and reminding you
Dont worry my friend, you'll make it through!