Your Destiny Awaits You by Hafsa Amin

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In a conclave of metaphysical beings, a contest was going on: 'Who could make or break a man?'
Pain was cackling as she thought the answer was obvious. It was her who could drive men to the verge of madness.
But Madness intervened saying the winner was surely him. Everyone knew that man's power was his brain and whoever controlled the brain, controlled the man.
Love, who was silently watching all of them fight, could take no more and spoke out that Madness could only affect a person's brain but the organ that could make or break a man was definitely his heart. For a second, there was quiet and Love seemed to have won.
A rustle announced the arrival of Time and he laughed in everyone's faces, asking what could anyone of them do, if he was not there.
Desire decided to speak her mind and told Time that the grains of sand in an hourglass continued to fall with or without his consent. She told him that he had nothing to brag about and that it was Desire who could cripple a person's mind or give a man his purpose.
When Desire had had her say, War began to rise. She went on and on about how her ruthlessness affected humans the most. She seemed to have a point. Everybody sat slumped, unclear as to who should be crowned the winner.
It was then that Destiny walked in. She had a glint in her eye as if she had already won the battle. She sat herself at the table and began:
"Pain, my friend, you are temporary. The bravest of men don't fear you. Some even go looking for you.
Madness is just a state of mind, and wouldn't you say that the best kind of people are usually a little mad?
Love, for all its worth, is a fool's idea and can go away as quickly as she comes.
Time has no control. The only way he knows is forward. He heals or he breaks, but none of what he does is planned. He could have been the winner of this little game, but tell me, old friend, can you even stand still?
Desire, the problem with you is that you are fleeting. You can, for a time-being, play with a person's mind but you can't control it for much long.
War is just like desire, gone in a whiff. Peace always manages to take her place.
All of you may have a role in a person's life but I have the final say in how that life will eventually be. 
You may spend decades shaping a person's path, but I am the final destination that matters.
I am still unfathomable even to the human-kind. They spend their lifetimes trying to figure out if I am already planned out for them or if they have to struggle to find me.
No matter who you are, your Destiny awaits you, whether you understand me or not, whether you want me or not.
And that is what makes or breaks a man."
Nobody spoke after that and it was clear, albeit unspoken, who the winner was.
By Hafsa Amin 
MBBS 2nd Year



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