Fading Emotions by Mehreen Yawar

Thursday, June 22, 2017 KELS 0 Comments Category :

We're drowning in a sea where there aren't any feelings
Life with all its beauty is losing its meaning
We're headed towards nothing but destruction
In this age of so called boggling inventions
My days and nights revolve around several clicks
So i need a lifetime to realize I'm in a fix
Apologies to my parents for never noticing them in front
But it's okay, I'll log in, thrust a reaction of love
It's agonizing for they're the ones who brought me up
But what else can I do if this is the new world?
Oh and hey! I love you my friend I really do
Tagging in stuff is the peak of its proof
No I can't be there when you're dying of depression
For times like that we have that new reaction
So if in this sort of world you're wondering of someone loving you
Let me say there's no one at 3a.m driving to you
Because they have Skype and FaceTime and no time to waste
Ironic you take screenshots but can't admit your love is fake
We're all struggling for likes for reasons unknown
And deep down we know we're all alone
No one knows what's really going behind our timelines
Our snapchats only show the joyful signs
So much is the true beauty of life we're missing
Not a single moment exists that we're living
Our children don't know the joy of being hurt
In playing those games in rainy backyard
None of us knows the worth of relations
Not having likes is considered dejection
And then we ask why there's no emotion
Perhaps this question is waiting to be answered
For once let us not act like zombies
See what we've missed by turning off our screens
That morning cup of tea will tell us a story
Of how we had closed our eyes on beauty
The silent breeze will whisper a fact
As our hearts will finally connect
So what if moments won't capture in stories?
They will be imprinted on actual memories
The same world would be so heavenly
When we witness life in absolute purity