When I Met Myself by Aruma Khalid

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"Last night I had a dream. Where I saw a sheening gleam. Shining as bright as a star. But I had gone too far. I wanted to go into that light but something was hindering me. Something that I didn't know. Then in all the dark outside I saw some people. When I looked all around there were some people whirling all around me. But they didn't talk, didn't smile or laugh as if they were expressionless. I was terrified. I thought they are some wandering souls searching for something to fill the holes they had in them. I could see that sheening gleam far away. But the wandering souls were hindering me from going there. I was all alone there, no friend, no alibi by my side. I direly wanted to seize that light as the  darkness around was accolading. Then out of nowhere the wandering souls began to laugh . It looked like they were laughing at me. I thought and thought what could be the least reason they are laughing at. I asked them who they are and why they are laughing but I ain't got any answer. It felt like The terror was eating me inside bit by bit. I could still see the light and now the laughter was turned to hysteria. I was worried,  neither could I go farther. I was stuck between those hysterical wandering souls whirling around me. The light had gone farther but I still could catch it if I ran farther but I was hindered. Then came a thought to me that why am I terrified by these unreal things which only I could see. I had to be strong enough to surpass them. Somehow the lust for the light made me strong. I said to myself  'If you want to go into that light you must surpass these souls' . Then it turned out that what I thought to be wandering souls were actually the fears and fright that were residing inside me. Those fears were hindering me from going into light. They were nothing but my own fears . I had to surpass them. I had to be strong. And yes, I was strong and powerful when I thought what could these fears do to me? They can do nothing but only a distraction to the right path. With this belief, I was strong enough to surpass all the fears and I ran towards the light. It felt like that light was coming towards me which was feeling like going away when I was surrounded by the whirling souls. After just a blink I had gone into the light. Then another shocking realisation came, that light was actually me! That was shocking for me. That was the time I met my true self.  I was so glad that I began to dance with a mellow melody all inside me. That sheening gleam that I saw was me! Those wandering souls were just a distraction to meet myself. Then I woke up. All the world around me was looking changed somehow. Now I felt fearless doing what I wanted. I thought that last night it was not just a dream. It was some sort of revelation to me. Even I'm very sinful but Almighty gave me chance to meet myself.
''And when you know who you are then you can know who He is."
       The whole point folks, is that the fears that you've gotten into yourself are self-created. They hinder you from going into the light, but you should surpass them. In fact, that light is you. The thing is that you need to see the light inside you. You should make yourself strong enough that those fears fear from coming into your path. Only then you can live fully . The first step is to find yourself, then meet yourself and then a whole world of revelation is waiting for you!