Time and Destiny by Siddika Allahdad Tarar

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To eat or not to eat, to live the same old perfect but monotonous life or to let oneself be carried away by the temptation of the unknown. The forbidden fruit was still hanging from the tree ripe with all its glory. The consequences were great but the temptation was greater and ultimately the fear of missing out the unfamiliar outweighed the joys of the paradise. The road that was not to be taken was reluctantly taken.
          What happened next is very well known, the wrath of the God followed, the paradise was lost and mankind's destiny took a completely unforeseen turn. Who would've known that something that happened long before, beyond the boundries of space and time would be the determinant of everything that happened till this moment and everything that is to happen for the moments to come.
    Was it man's intentional mistake or was it a part of the greater plan all along. Man from the very start was inoculated with the seed of curosity. And what would be the purpose of such blessing (or curse )if complete submission was expected of him. Maybe God was Himself bored of the blind submission of the angels and wanted someone who would stumble and stray, but ultimately discover the truth for himself.
      The enigma that whether the start of time marked man's will or his destiny might always remain unsolved. We considering ourselves conscious-beings might spend all our time living in the illusion that we are acting according to our own will.
   Another question that arises is whether time and destiny are inter-related or not. Time as Plato expressed is "moving image of eternity" or it is something that will seize to exist as soon as man reaches it's destiny and from there will start a state of timelessness. Maybe destiny, time and will are all interwoven but their demarcation is impossible for man. The destiny might be predetermined but the paths leading to it are not.
         These questions might never be blessed with a certain answer till the end of the universe. We as the intelligent beings endowed with conciousness might want to have it all at once but the truth that is to be found lies in another dimension and the closer man gets to it the more he realises the shortcomings of his own self.