Time And Destiny by Maliha Tahir

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12’ O Clock at night
Sitting in an open window’s sill, Destiny was staring at the old lady praying on the prayer mat. Darkness of the night prevailed in the town with all the people in their peaceful sleep. But the old lady was awake, anxious and weeping.
 Suddenly the door of the prayer room opened. A young lady asked the old woman to hurry up and see her son, ambulance had arrived. Doctor Afzal was performing his CPR. “He is in a critical condition”, doctor informed the family.
Old lady rushed towards the emergency room remembering with every step all those happy moments of her life that she spent with her son, those nine months she had kept him inside her. He was her life.
Destiny was following them. Doctor Afzal dressed in his scrub was ready for the emergency operation. Though it was a hectic day, he hadn’t taken a nap for 30 hours but he always had to hold his nerves in an emergency like this to save the precious human lives.
5’O Clock in the morning
At last the surgery was finished. Doctor Afzal thanked Allah for the successful accomplishment of the arduous operation. Destiny was witnessing it all.
The old lady thanked Allah for giving her life back. Then she greeted the doctor with millions of prayers making Dr. Afzal forget all days’ fatigue. His eyes brightened up with the elating spark of mother’s words. Another day, he had met his destiny with the lovely smiles and happy prayers. All that time of hardships he had during his student life and subsequently, didn’t go in vain.
10’O Clock
Destiny decided to find a new window sill to witness other people’s story, fortune and struggle. But suddenly someone captured it, caged and brought it to the girl who had recently bought the poor bird from the fair. People were talking about cutting its wings so that it never leaves that cage and flies again.
But destiny was determined to break that cage once again and reach those heights in the sky that people long to conquer. But instead of making it their destiny, they try to cut the wings of those who venture to conquer those heights.

                                                                                                         It was the destiny of the Destiny!