The Time Was Then by Hameema Ashraf

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Alas! Life came to a bottleneck.
Standing wayward, on the deck
of the one-way ship to oblivion,
there came at him a trillion
frosty flashes, within a million
stinging echoes,
hurting like a broken vow;
"The time was then, nil time now!"

There were melodies to be heard
at the break of early dawn.
There were rainbows to slide on,
endless galaxies to be drawn
on the palms of your hands.
There were secrets in the sands.

To gulp in were eternal mysteries,
to dance in were golden histories.
To have was an unwanted seat
at the bay of agony, of deafeat.
But it gave you iron shoulders
to carry with pride, the boulders
of lessons well learnt,
and comforts well earnt.

And there were gleaming scars of valour,
to be worn up with pride,
for they tell that while you might have tripped,
you never quit the ride.

Too long a life he'd spent
sabotaging the future,
confined like a parasite
in the limits of his sutures!
Like a burning, searing knife,
cut a merciless realization:
"A sham of a life
is enroute abrogation!"
All he'd earned in his spun out life
was, an unfound him and too short a time!

"Too long a life you've spent
in conjecture, in lament
over what you were,
what you ought to be,
the proper way to live,
the holy way to be!

There was time calling out,
every moment, here about.
There was destiny, all distraught,
waiting in the ink pot
for you to find your pen.
All the while you were waiting,
The time was then!"