The Council of Iblis by Ali Shahzad

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This world is an ancient game of abstracts with the frustrated longings of its dwellers. The Creator is inclined to destroy them by liberating me(Iblis).
I had inspired in the West the dream of Imperialism by breaking the influence of the mosque, the temple and the church.When man has grown to be a little civilized and self-observant, I introduced the concept of democracy.
I taught the losers to believe in the fate of destitution. I infused into the wealthy the craze of 'Capitalism'.Who dare to extinguish the blazing fire whose tumults are empowered by the passion of IBLIS!
Well said, Lord!
Satanic system is, undoubtedly, stable.This system has further strengthened the slavishness of the public.
These pathetic mortals have been ordained to Kneel, devoid of standing posture.
No dignified desire can arise in their hearts. If it does, it dies or is left unripe. It is the wonders of our hard and persistent efforts that the Sufis and the Mullahs are subjects of Imperialism these days. Time passing-Qawaalis and songs suits to the taste of these mortals.
If tumults of the Hajj and Tawaaf abides, then also, the unused swords of the faithfuls have become blunt. This latest ordinance by our secretary mullahs proves their despair:
"Fighting in the Cause of Allah is forbidden to the Muslims in this age."
Perhaps you are unaware of the current-affairs of the world. Is the clamour for 'Government by the people' evil or good?
Well! I'm aware of these mischiefs. 'Democracy' is the government of the people, by the people and for the people. But above all, It is government over the people.
With the permission of Lord, we, ourselves, have dressed Imperialism in Democracy. Imperialism does not care whether a king or hundreds of members are rulers. Its true nature is aggressive extension of authority.
Have you not observed the Democratic system of the West? With a bright slogan of Liberation is darker then Monarchy
that's great! If the spirit of Imperialism is preserved, there is nothing to worry about. I can hardly grasp the penetrating vision of the infidel: But, I think, it leads to devastation of these slaves.
You see, they have denied to live with Divine guidance. No greater corruption than this could be. I would consider one an idiot who would expose the 'Western politics'
SECOND COUNCILOR (Turning to Iblis):
O you! the blazing fire of whose breath stabilizes the world. There is no one more familiar with man's nature than Your Majesty. Who among the commoners known as the sustainer.
Though, the Westerns all are your disciples. But, I do not believe in their sagacity anymore. Everyone is playing his tricky moves to dominate over the world.
Socialism's here and communism's there.
Nationalism exists everywhere.
My Lord! This world which rests solely on your governance is going to be turned randomly.
IBLIS (To his Councilors):
I have absolute command over the world!
When I warm the blood of the Wester nations, world will witness the spectacle!
The political leaders and priests of Church, all answer my one call!
If a fool consider our scheme mere a glass, then dare to break it. How could I be frightened by the 'Socialism' or 'Communism'? Wretched and distracted minds and incoherent speeches!
For Nationalism, I say, a subtle way of Tyranny and Idolatry.
My real fear is that community, which still retains a spark of 'Monotheism'(There is no deity worthy of worship but Allah) hidden in its ashes. Among them, there are still a few who mourn in pre-morning hours.
Know this:
Neither Socialism nor non-Islamic caliphates, but, 'Islam' is the real trouble for us.
I know, Muslims are no longer the bearers of the Quran. The same Capitalism is now their religion.
What I fear is, sooner or later, they would comprehend the 'Shari'ah'.
Beware, a thousand times beware of 'Islamic Law'
It is poison to slavery, man's sovereignty, monarchy and our lordship. It brings great revolution in thought amd action that this Good Earth belongs to Allah alone.