Posted My Agony, Nobody Liked by Warda Firdous

Wednesday, May 24, 2017 KELS 0 Comments Category :

And why does that bother you? Why do you care? Do you realize that liking a post does not necessarily mean caring about the person?
Isn’t it scary? How your social life and self-esteem is based on the most trivial things? You could be an A-class human being and yet your confidence would depend on the number of likes your posts get! You could have the right opinion but you would only value it if people agree with it. You could have a remarkable sense of style, yet you would follow the clichĂ©. Why is that? Why do you need likes and comments and views to know where you stand? To make you feel worthy. Why do you feel this need to be accepted by the world? Why would the world ever accept you if you haven't done it yourself. You need to know what defines you and what doesn't. You need to know that it's okay if you don't have DSLR pictures to post or large squads to hang out with. It's okay if you're not leading a society of your institute or being followed on twitter by everyone. It’s okay if you're not participating in extra-curricular or topping the class. It’s okay if you made mistakes more than once or had fallouts. It's all okay if you define it as okay.
The day you define these things as not-okay would be the day these things would start defining you. And these are not at all the standards you should set for yourself. Large social circles don't define your goodness. It's enough if you have just one friend and she thinks you are awesome. Literally that's all you should need to feel confident. Don't let your poise come from something as shallow as Facebook comments. They don't last!

Let it come from things that matter. Let it come from the unconditional love your parents will always shower on you. Let it come from the prayers of someone you helped. Let it come from the ease your friend feels in your company. Let it come from the gratitude of that person you once helped smile when he was sad. Let it come from the glow of the girl you just praised. Let it be enough. Life is harsh enough already without us trying to set up a whole new virtual world on social media where we fake praises and plaster smiles to pose in front of a world that may not even know us in reality. Do whatever you do for yourself and for those who actually love you. Take comfort in your own skin. It’s yours because it’s perfect for you. Explore yourself instead of obsessing over what others think of you. Because other people would come and go, leaving you shattered if you allow them. The only constant in your life is you. Remember that the next time you give someone the power to make you feel uncomfortable.