What If by Yasir Majeed

Saturday, April 22, 2017 KELS 1 Comments Category : , ,

How does it feel like?
How do we stand our grounds?
The mighty walls we built,
We, living in the bounds,

The fantasy painted blue sky,
Breathing love, hate and fear,
Wearing the name, privilage and identity,
Carrying the disease of pride, we bear,

Running, round and round, running,
Thirsty, greedy hearts, minds dirty,
Paper, money, worshipping currency,
Buying smiles, happiness and luxury - easy...

Planes, ships, sky-scrappers,
Mighty seas, rivers, bow down, the bridges,
Technology, gadgets, and the world connected,
Tracks to 'You' , fading, all those ridges,

How does it feel like?
Living modern, faster, tik-toking,
What if you stopped for a moment?
And realised, the human inside you, slowly rotting...



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