They Look Like People by Aruma Khalid

Monday, April 24, 2017 KELS 0 Comments Category : , ,

I didn't know !
They will not understand
They looked like people
who you think you know
They seemed like people
who you think you can't deny
But the reality mirror,
' oh no dear'
they can cost you
so many wear and tear
All my thoughts gone vague
A point between serenity and rage
For whom I cared
not a single day spared
But a little mistake cost much
afterall that was not a mistake as such
The people near you, but not close
they act like real, but they do pose
They would care as you care
That's my friend, very rare!
Everything's not that clear,
And beware of what you share!
So let them do, what they do
Don't give up, do something new
When you've started a ride
You know you have to bide
So don't give up on your hope
Or they'll say you're a dope
IF they laugh at you, laugh back
Just live in your worldly shack
I wonder if they thought like this
The whole world would've been a bliss
But, as you know
   They look like People!
   They look like People!

Aruma Khalid 1st year MBBS