Creator's Love by Ali Shahzad

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Prior to the triggering of the Big Bang and genesis of the cosmos,even prior to the orientation of time-frame, the Absolute Creator fashioned a spark, flameless but radiant, untouched but caring, pointless but penetrating in the realm of abstracts.
A spark whose warmth has been glowing the whole universe since the the beginning.
That spark is Love, Creator’s love for ‘the best creation’. Like the love of a mother for her unborn child.
For love, the Creator fashioned the whole universe and erected the the paradise for ‘the lovely creation’ to dwell in happiness.
By virtue of love, The Exalted One, himself, inspired the soul; granted that being a part of His absolute knowledge and sagacity; sublimed ‘the finest being’ by prostration of angels; devoted the whole universe to ‘the charming creation’.
Unfortunately, the ‘avid-human’ defied that love even in paradise. But in love and mercy, Lord descended ‘the Mortals’ on the Good Earth, another heaven in cosmos.
In shame, the apologetic being regretted for committing sin. The Merciful Creator not only pardoned but out of love, commanded the clouds to shade, breeze to soothe, sun to warm, earth to nourish, plants to feed, water to console and revealed the guidance, a code of life, for their prosperity and salvation.
Furthermore, The Most Merciful declared:
“O my best creation! My mercy will always prevail over my wrath… If you walk to me, I will run towards you…
If you remember me, I will remember you…
If you seek forgiveness from me, I will forgive you…”
Since then, ignoring its superiority, the self-interested, egoistic and mean-being is disobeying Lord’s commandments, defying His love, shedding innocent blood and causing corruption on the Earth.
But the Creator’s Love always invoke the Lord’s mercy and forgiveness for this wretched-creature.
From eternity, That love only asks, in return, for love, love for the Absolute Creator, love that can only be achieved by following the commandments of the Allah Almighty!