Sinners Judging Other Sinners For Sinning Differently by Salma Yousaf

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"Maybe IF I weren't a girl people would not judge me". She sighed.
Thoughts circled through her mind...
Words jangled in her head..
 "She wears a hijab.. must be conservative"
 "Look at that girl, her hair fluttering in the wind.. SHE WILL BURN IN HELL!"
 "Scarf yesterday, flying hair today.. What a Drama Queen"
 "Oh that girl is wearing such tight jeans.. Astaghfirullah!" 
She was sitting there, looking at the faces of her friends, class fellows. Listening. Digesting. Contemplating. 
Is it an insult? She thought. Or a genuine concern... Am i a hypocrite? She questioned herself. 
She stood up quite shaken and teary eyed and ran back to her home! She ran and ran. There was just no stopping her. She dashed through the bedroom door and suddenly stumbled and fell on the carpet. She stood up and looked in the mirror and all she could see was her wounded soul. Standing clueless staring at her reflection, frustrated and poisoned by the thoughts of others, she wanted to face them and tell them their flaws! That’s what her thoughts said, but her own reflection showed different sides to her. Her inner self reminded her of her own words;
"Hey look he is drinking. He deserves a special place in hell"
"That boy with a beard has a girlfriend. Tobah! Cut off his beard!"
She questioned their faith. Was she even different from those who were belittling her? Was she even less of a hypocrite? 
The world is erected upon the principle of reciprocity. 
How can she not get hurt for she was also hurting others unintentionally? How can she judge someone and expect not to be judged? How can she expect others to know her true intentions when she should have the faith that Allah knows all that is in one's heart and that’s all that matters?
'Islam was ignorant and strange in the beginning. It will soon become ignorant too. And I pay my salutation to those ignorants who'll make Islam uncommon.'
Was she also among the ignorant?
Tears streamed down her face as screams echoed in her mind.
"We are all sinners judging other sinners for sinning differently"