Shadowed by Mahum Sohail

Saturday, April 08, 2017 KELS 0 Comments Category : , ,

The murky clouds of despair,
The muddy paths to nowhere,
The ragged clothes on our backs,
Our bare feet on broken glass,
Heads lying on hard ground,
No sheets to shield the cold around,
Deep scars that never hurt,
Leave a memory so berserk,
Constant fear of death being near,
Loneliness that makes us surrender,
Tears in our eyes that no one sees,
Invisible  shackles that bind me,
I wonder if it will ever change,
To the glory of our happy days
Dressed to boot for walk in park
Left our homes and warmth of bed,
With family for a picnic day,
Unaware of the dark time ahead,
Smiles that shone brighter than sun,
Safe and sound among friends,
We laughed till there was no end,
Free as a bird to roam around,
The joyous memories everlasting,
I wonder if it will  ever be the same