Open letter to my friend who wants to be perfect by Hafsa Amin

Monday, April 17, 2017 KELS 1 Comments Category : , ,

If you were perfect, it would be the absolute worst. You may think perfection is everything but let me convince you otherwise.

The way your smile is crooked makes my heart skip a beat, and when you slur while pronouncing your words makes me heady.

The fact that your 'r' looks more like an 'n' makes me shake my head a little, and the way you keep looking in the mirror to see if you look alright makes me smile inwardly.

You might think that your laugh-lines make you look old, but it just reminds me how freely and frequently you giggle. 

You may hate the little nick on your face, but for me, it brings back the memory of when you were extra-playful and hit your face on the floor. To add to it, you're short and you think that it is the worst thing to happen to you, but to me, you look like the child that you are at heart.

You think that telling everyone everything the way that it is, puts you at a disadvantage, but believe me when I say that your honesty is the trait I love most. Sometimes, you trust people with your feelings and emotions and they desert you. Understandably, you think it is a weakness, but you're so wrong. The fact that you can open up to people while knowing the risk you're putting yourself in tells me how brave you actually are. You fear letting other people in, but it makes me love you even more because it means I am one of the lucky few you chose even when your heart said otherwise.

Your tan-lines worry you but to me, they show that you're not afraid to step out into the sun. Also, the freckles on your face make you cringe but for me, each and every one of them is another thing that makes you unique.

You hate that you're too stubborn but i find it cute that you fight for what you think is right, and what may look like inflexibility to you, is standing up for what you believe in, to me.

You think that you would be perfect if all these little traits and features you have went away, and I am here to tell you that perfection is over-rated and I don't think I would love you like I do, IF you were perfect.

by Hafsa Amin
2nd Year