No Place For Ifs by Bareeha Saeed

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It was as soft as velvet. The cheese filled core, the stuffed chocolate sauce topped with strawberries…yummy…even the sight was heavenly. This divine cake piece was the best thing Sam had ever gifted her taste buds. The ultimate bliss was indescribable.
“I need to have another piece.” Sam thought
There was just enough money left for one piece. She was over the moon after acquiring her newly found love.
“I should savor every bite of this scrumptious thing! I must take it home along with me and wait until everyone dozes off. Then I shall consume this appetizing treat. ” she told herself.
Sam hid the cake piece in her purse. She couldn’t share it with anyone. She was firm about it. She was received by her younger sister Ana.
“What took you so long?” Ana asked raising an eyebrow.
Ana must not know. Sam lied that she had to collect notes from her class fellow. Ana didn’t seem to doubt her. She had deceived Ana’s hawk eyed scrutiny. Sam needed to get to her room as fast as she could.
Sam stumbled as she walked towards her room.
“Be careful young lady!”
It was Dad. She needed to calm down. She could not afford to draw attention.
“I am okay Dad” she gave a nervous smile.
She recalled the dripping chocolate. Oh my! Waiting was an arduous task but the only way she could have that delight all by her was when no one would be there to disturb. She was longing for that valuable moment.
Sam reached her room. One milestone was achieved. Now she had to conceal HER PRECIOUS.
“Where should I keep it???? In the cupboard…no Ana will discover the secret… under the bed… yes it seems fine... It will lay there untouched and then it will be mine…Whole of it”
Sam revised her scheme. She decided to stay in her room until everyone went to sleep. Minutes passed like decades, hours like centuries. Sam didn’t even stir. She had to safeguard her possession.
“Sam! Come have dinner with us” mom said
“I am not hungry!” replied Sam
Sam was contented with her effort but OH NO!!! It was nature call. She had to go. She didn’t want to but she had no option left.
“It will just take a minute” she thought
What she didn’t know was doom and misfortune was hanging around.
When she returned, what she saw left her shattered, heartbroken and devastated. The calamity was enough to deprive her of every single ray of hope. She felt as if she was kissed by dementors.
Tom, her pet cat, had his face stuffed with HER cake; his moustaches now source of the dripping chocolate sauce.

For weeks she thought; if she had just eaten that delicious thing in the shop, she would not have to suffer that tragedy or if she had shared it with Ana the unfortunate event could have been averted or for HEAVEN’SSAKE she could have just locked her door but the disaster had taken place and there was no place for any IFS.