Memories by Salmana Moneeb

Tuesday, April 18, 2017 KELS 1 Comments Category :

Whenever I'm found engrossed, I always get the comments like;"hey, what are you thinking about? " , why are you so quiet?" and sometimes even satirical ones like"she is an introvert, extremely quiet girl"
To tell the truth, I never feel disgraced to get commented like that for I have been called that for you. Doesn't matter I'm alone or in public, even a bit flash of your lovely recollections   take me to the world .... the world where the endeavour to manifest the sentiments goes futile, where physical existence fails to matter, and I'm left  speechless with unspoken emotions, materialistic gains of this gleaming world seems meaningless, i reach the point where unsaid desires seems fulfilling, my dreams turn into reality and a kind of spiritual serenity prevails over the soul. I talk to you whole-heartedly ,no one to interrupt. Your warm hug instils a new zeal in me . Your gentle patting  on my back bestows me with the courage to excel the world....this practice keeps me going until i get another round ,and whether deliberately or not ,i have been doing this since past few years like an inevitable dose of an addict. Yes!believe me or not I'm addicted to you ,to your memories for these evergreen memories are my only treasure by which i can survive in this bloody barbaric world. They are a source of such an eternal merriment and perpetual blessing which no one can take away, a kind of limitless joy which no one can enjoy but me and you because I'm addicted , addicted to you ,addicted to your memories, to the moments spent with you!



  1. fantastically written, very well expressing-the-emotions blog