Love Dad (An Unsent Letter) by Javeria Iqtedar 2nd year

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Won 2nd position in KELS Annual Story Writing Competition

letter (n.)
                a. a written or printed correspondence sent by post or messenger
                b. a written or printed correspondence, kept hidden in a drawer.

Dearest Poppy,
                You got your acceptance letter today. I know this not because you told me, but because I haven’t seen you smile so brightly in weeks. Trust me when I say my heart is bursting with pride and joy, my love. I can’t wait ‘til you move out so I can turn your room into a workshop.
                (This hallway will haunt me when you’re gone.)
                Spread your wings, go. You have so much life ahead of you, so much energy in you waiting for an outlet. The sky is a blank canvas and God gave you the means to make it magnificent.
                (The world out there is ruthless and you are not. How will I protect you from so far away?)
                When you were six years old I had to work overtime at the office. You wrote me a note saying you wouldn't have dinner without me, and had fallen asleep before I got home. Fast forward thirteen years and you and I will be having dinner in two different cities every night. I hope you sleep well, and I will be here telling the stars how proud I am of my little girl who is out there doing big things.
                So go ahead, de flores, shoot for the stars. Leave us behind because we don’t matter anymore. We never liked you all that much anyway.
                (What will I do with this silence? Who will I bring home flowers for?)
                You have to grow on your own now. You can’t expect your mother to do your laundry forever, can you? Get a job so I can finally start saving up for my Harley. You’re a burden here, leave soon.
                (I love you with everything I have, stay.)