Lost and Forgotten- Ata Ul Haiy, 3rd Year

Tuesday, April 18, 2017 Romesa Qaiser Khan 1 Comments Category :

Somewhere along the way
He lost himself,
Or the "way" lost him.
Among the plethora of paths
His path was supposed to be clear.
Why then, lose it he did?

Were it the ever-changing truths?
the honest lies?
The surreal secrets?
those veracious suspicions?
The promises kept?
Or the trust upheld?  

His mind races
Between the ones and zeros
The Yeses and the Nos
As he fumbles to answer
Wherein lies his mistake?
What broke the red string
That bound them together?

The "way" speaks no more
Only whispers or shouts
In hatred and in disdain
And through bloodshot eyes.
Each deathly stare, a stab at his heart.

His mind flustered, his heart broken.
His body healthy, his soul demented.
His life simple, his world labyrinthine.
His sight crystal, his dreams shattered.
His intentions pious, his actions wicked.

Within this uncanny struggle
Of paradox and confusion
He lost the very thing
He had wanted to save.

Between what he did and
What was done!
Confusing his own selfishness.
With selfless concern
He lost the one thing
That was bound to save him.

He ventures on, without the way!
losing himself in helpless apologies.
He calls out for it again, a plutonian cry!
No answer, no echo, only silence.
Save the cruel crackle of hellfire,
bound to consume his forgotten soul.



  1. That was outstanding...p.s gotta do more of this shiit..your an excellent person that hold a remarkable personality, Your vision is wide which is good, This kind of stuff makes me feel a lagend of what i am today, Truly remarkable​ story that was, Best of luck for your future, Your base is wide You can achieve even the largest of em all, Hope to see you as a nobel winner....cheers