Long Distance Love by Mehreen Yawar 1st year

Wednesday, April 12, 2017 KELS 0 Comments Category : ,

2nd Position in KELS Annual Poetry Competition

As I lie under the night sky
In the warmth of fire flickering by
I caught sight of a shooting star
That diverted me somewhere far
I took to the heavens and found you
Teared my eyes as my heart flew

It was the day the moon fell
When our world turned into hell
Screams and tears and heart breaks
Recalling it, my mind aches
I wish I could just fly to you
And tell you there is nothing new

Should I be pulled away with wanderlust
Or shall I be engrossed in this stardust
How we used to talk all day
Helpless with these memories I lay
I try to be strong but I am not
I try to move on but stumble a lot

I try to find you in passing cars,
In quiet lakes and chords of guitar
I try to find you in heartless crowd,
In rainy winter till the storm dies out
Alone in this raging darkness of night
I try to find you in fading lights