If You Were Alive by Salmana Moneeb

Friday, April 21, 2017 KELS 0 Comments Category : ,

I might be more lively and cheerful, cherishing the moments as they come instead of counting the days left to see you.  I might be more jolly and a bit less of a misanthrope, if you were here. I might be a little more pleasant-mooded ,enjoying the beauty of nature,inhaling the sweet fragrance of blooming flowers ,listening to the chirping birds, talking to stars, amused by the music, finding hope in flickering flame, life in opening buds and extracting joy from every minor little happenings. I might be a little more jocular ,a bit less infuriating,  a bit more confident...!
All these things  are still a part of the life but the sense they make is entirely different. Chirping birds sound melancholy, smiling flowers look exasperating. Listening to music is not same either, lyrics have suddenly started to make sense. Talking to stars turns into counting the stars. Every merry-making happening seems mocking upon me. Every colour of merriment seems fading. Laughter echoes ridiculously. Smile seems transient. Flickering flame looks like a dying soul. Every happiness has become a temporary veil to mask the grief......  the irony is all life affairs are going on as they were but the life is not same any more. Victories are still mine but you are not. I still get ovation on my writings but your appreciation was definitely matchless. I still get alot of encouragement but your advices  are still the pillars of strength for me. How many things that are transformed, the personalities that are moulded, the thoughts that are changed,  the happenings that occur, the desires that vanish... just by the absence of a single person! If you were here , whatelse i could desire? but now everything has changed . Outer me is same but inner me has lost!!!!
Salmana Moneeb