If by Maliha Tahir

Sunday, April 30, 2017 KELS 0 Comments Category :

I may be the one that leads ambitions, aims and sometimes adventures. But it may be the same me that leads to despair, disappointment and agony. I am a choice, a path, a belief that makes conditions in the past, present and future. A choice that decides between happiness and grief. People call me “if”.
Among my various forms, it is believed that those who choose the ambitious one, remain happy. While those who seek after despair are left crestfallen and for such people, I sometimes wish, if only I were not an “if” for them! If it were the case they would not feel gloomy because of me, would not feel insufferable burden of guilt because of me, they would not feel insecure because of me, they would not feel jealous because of me. But I always end up realizing that it is their fault that they do not use me sanguinely. They do not benefit themselves from my aspiring side. They do not think that if they believe in themselves, they will do great. But they think, if only they were like a certain person, they would have done great. If they had the same circumstances as of a friend, life would have been different. That makes my heart bleed!

 I believe that people must make their choices intelligently. Because I am the same “if” that is the hypothesis of all the great theories, the fountain head of the genius ideas, the triggering force behind people’s curiosity. I am the leader of those who seek for the truth. I am their happy fantasies. I believe in myself as I am an important part of people’s life. I am the great “if”!