Fragments From her Past by Laibah Arshad 3rd year

Wednesday, April 12, 2017 KELS 0 Comments Category : ,

Won third position in KELS Annual Poetry Competition

Innocent laughs, easy smiles
Those were the early days
Playing in the rain, running around
A heart with infinite faith

A father , a mother, a brother to love
She believed those days would last
All her life, but how wrong she was
Fragments from her past

The red, the heat, the endless smoke
Her life went up in flames
The sirens, the screams, her ears ringing
What a downhill game

She ran, she ran, all she wanted
Was to get far and far
From the pain the reality
of fragments from her past

Homeless, alone, a racing heart
With no penny to her name
The cold seeping through her clothes
Caressing her blackened face

Starving and scared on the streets
She finally swallowed her pride
And entered the wretched house of shame
To work through the night

There she stands, years gone by
No more tears to last
A broken look in her eyes
With fragments from her past