For Eyes That See by Hameema Ashraf

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                FOR EYES THAT SEE!

If your eyes outlive, the up surging dust and haze,
If the empty, raving crowd, doesn't set ablaze
your sense and sensibility,
your dormant, innate ability
to love what you find beautiful,
regardless of practicality.

Do stand up, for what makes you breathe
in the suffocating so called sanity.
Do fight to salvage what's left of
your dwindling, perishing humanity.

If you do see, you'll surely find
that they aren't nasty freckles
but constellations, whirling free
out of the wordly shackles
of surface-ideas of beauty,
Gone too far, a battle!

If you gaze, and if you're keen
you'll see those eyes have tears,
Tears that froze into the glistening sheen
of eyes, that smile atop fears!

If you make yourself observant enough
to see through the untarnished glass facade
you'll meet a charm in being vaguely broken
beneath layers of perfection, so well laid!

In the words of those who're too articulate
roars a silence, always unheard.
In the mirth of those you too often berate,
lies an utterly absurd
madness, calmness, sadness, regret,
waiting to be served.

The sophistication which you find so boring,
on the onset of a secret phase,
dances in a madness so alluring,
it's bound to catch your gaze!

So if your eyes do luckily meet
the silent beauty, which yearns
to be seen, embraced, forever kept,
till the flame of love burns
the chains, of conceited vanity,
of hatred, prejudice, insanity.

Hold onto it, don't turn away
your eyes, your heart, your soul.
Let love speak! Let purity say!
Don't deny yourself a parole
from this prison, so dark and deep,
this black hole; which will keep
you from giving.
From ever living!

MBBS 1st Year.