Escape by Yasir Majeed 2nd year

Wednesday, April 05, 2017 KELS 1 Comments Category : ,

You are a fairytale,
Soothe and all sound,
You are an avalanche,
Shaking up this ground,
You are a bird of the night,
Flying high another round,
You are a beautiful melody,
All ears spell bound,
You are the blue horizon,
Clouds strolling the background,
You are the sun ray,
A morning, look around,
You are an occean,
Deep, dark and icebound,
You are the smooth grass,
Dew, velvet- a playground,
You are the untold destiny,
Vague, so far, fogbound,
You are the old mystery,
The escape, yet unfound!



  1. Oh my God. I love this. Marry me. I want to have your kids. They will get poetry genes from you and from me, well, nevermind.