A Paradox World- By Ata Ul Haiy, 3rd Year.

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Lost in a World of reminiscence,
I hear a distant whisper,
Resonating, sparks fly in the nuance,
Igniting forgotten emotions.
Flustered, my being writhes
In the agony of speculation
As this labyrinth of my soul awakens.
Is this what hope feels like?

So long have I wandered
Alone in this dark abyss
Of longing and despair.
Like a creature of the dark,
That dreads the light,
I cringe at the thought of such a dream.
Can this darkness be quelled?

My mind wanders yet again,
As I look around in disdain.
A fleeting sense of freedom it feigns
My heart shivers at the idea;
Have I a companion in this dismal place?
Is this all a game – A devious plot?
Is this Doubt I feel?

In a leap of faith
I stumble towards the purging light,
That emanates from yonder.
My demons pull at me
In Vain, they argue,
There’s nothing more than
Shattered dreams and betrayal out there;
I pay no heed, and continue on;
If only I had listened…

My pulse quickens as I near the source,
Trembling, I embrace it,
The burning and the pain
In a flash! Everything disappears.
You had pulled me out
Of that wretched, forsaken pit
(only to push me into another)
I look around; to thank that kind spirit
That granted me freedom;
To embrace her once more

I finally find her, but in other arms
My enemy! Whom I’m sworn to kill
She looks at me, face contorted, taunting;
In instant it shatters; and I remember
Those “evil” psalms my demons sang
Terrified, I run
Yearning for the darkness
I so abhorred, I so fain left
But to no avail
Alas! I am trapped
In this world of contradiction.
Where light is evil and
Darkness is no more.