Women by Muhammad Husnain Khawar 2nd Year

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For as long as mankind has existed, human beings have lived in an entirely patriarchal society. Where the  norm for woman was(and still is)to cook, clean and look pretty while doing it.The men of society were content with sitting back and letting the women do all the menial tasks, while they fancied themselves as deserving of adventure and power. That is why the strong arm of society is composed of men while women remain shut up in their homes, yearning for a chance to break their shackles one day.
And break them they did. History is littered with examples of women taking up the mantle and having their way. To mention a few, the birth of the Amazons in Ancient Greek culture was one big game-changer in their society. Women forged for themselves a society in which they could have all the freedom they desired, without looking towards a man for help, or having to look over their shoulders for one. Another big example is the role of women in Islamic society, where religion gave them the freedom which mankind would not. Women could proudly stand shoulder to shoulder with men in every field, from science to war. But sadly, misinterpretations have led to diminishing awareness of how things once were. These days, the main champion of women’s rights and women’s problems is “Feminism”, an addictive concept which is working wonders for women in developed societies.
The plight of a Pakistani woman is often understated, but it is an underlying phenomenon which affects society at the grass-root level. Women in Pakistan live much like in olden times, surrounded by four walls and dominated by males. They have few opportunities, if any, and those lucky enough to get an education are unable to break the gender stereotypes around them because of their small numbers. It is in the interest of our patriarchal society to keep women dumb and illiterate so that their might remains unchallenged. This has led to the obvious detriment of women and future generations of man.But there is still hope on the horizon.
Slowly, women have recognized the highly important role they play in society and have banded together to educate their fellows on their untapped potential. More and more women have started demanding their basic rights and equal opportunities in education and the work-force. Women have already proved themselves highly capable of leadership (Margaret Thatcher, the Iron Lady) and slowly their influence has spread through the highest levels of society, at least in developed countries. The developing countries have been slow to mimic this change but women here are still optimistic about the future.
Thanks to various NGO’s and Women’s social groups, the women of Pakistan have gained a firm foothold in society. They are slowly becoming a substantial part of the work-force and already out-strip men in terms of strength in numbers.Still,the men hold all the cards and are not afraid to show their hand when the need suits them. The women will need to work hard to break pre-conditioned concepts if they want their rights and freedom which have been denied to them for years.

In conclusion, the importance of women is highlighted in this gender-biased quote: “Behind every successful man is a woman.”