The Miracle Of Kindness by Zara Gulraiz

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Let us imagine a world without kindness. You are kind when you smile at a stranger, help someone before an examination and stand up for someone innocent. Sometimes, kindness seems the obvious thing to do. At other times, it doesn't come as easily. Let me share with you a personal story to show how important kindness is in our daily lives.

I was having uncordial relations with a so and so friend of me. I used to dislike her a lot. She was rude, authoritative and abusive. In short, she was a person who would try to influence you without you liking it. We grew apart. First, I would not be reluctant to do anything for her. Then, as time passed I grew wary of her. Initially, I liked her presence, then, I started disliking it. In short, she meant nothing to me. We were not fond of each other anymore.

Then, I dawned upon me to be kind and nice to her. I didn't mean bad, I just wanted less enemies. First I tried outwardly to please her. Then naturally God gave me an ability to be loving and kind. Then one day, without her asking I explained to her how to her admission in a college of good standing. I keenly guided her through her application procedure. She would call me to take advice every now and then. Instead of being irritated I helped her to the best I could. I started liking her even I reluctantly might admit. This is because she would talk really politely and sweetly. Afterall, I was the light in darkness for her. I realised my kindness had pulled us together. Had I been selfish and retaliatory, I would have lost a good friend.

Now, it was her turn to repay. She started standing by me I being a meek person by nature. I realised I had someone close in this world. Always remember, kindness is the best tool against your enemy as well as for your friend.