The Brave New Girl by Yasir Majeed

Wednesday, March 15, 2017 KELS 5 Comments Category :

'Useless', was all they said,
The gleamy eyes, tears she shed,
Unappologetic, the cold world,
'Foolish', they had their word,
She hoped, something unreal,
A miracle, one day would be so real,
Tried, failed, so discouraged,
'Give up', the guts they burried,
All her struggle, failure striken,
The harsh world, heart sadden,
Maybe her dreams, so unrealistic,
'Fallacies', the world too realistic,
She gave up the dreams she saw,
Worthless, like a fallen straw!
But a surge, pinched her heart,
'Stand up, take another start' ,
Like a warrior, fierce and strong,
To failure, who did not belong,
From the failures of past, all begone,
A brave new girl, she had grown,
Tried, progressed, wise and slow,
Resisted, moved against the flow,
Bit by bit, more and more,
The struggle, the fruit it bore,
The success, higher that basked,
'A miracle', every tongue applaused,
Lost the world, to a girl all alone,
Rose from the bottom, grew so strong!