On Women? by Nabeel Ahmad 2nd year

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On women?

Topic of the month? On women
Number of submissions? Only a few
Number of people who know what feminism is? Only a few
A number of people who are willing to debate on feminism? A lot

While writing this piece I wasn’t thinking of writing “on women” but rather “for women”.

7th of March 2017, 
        An ordinary day passes 
8th of March 2017,
        Women's day. All types of videos, posters, and images were being shared. Awareness campaigns were up from their slumber with full energy. 
9th of March 2017, 
        Again an ordinary day with not much significance value. Life was the same. Violence, rapes, and homicides made it to the headlines. 

My Question is. Why? Why are we so naive to believe that only speaking out on women’s day will make a difference. Why do we believe that there will be an immediate butterfly effect?
Rome wasn't built in a day so how can we assume that the problems of a single person let alone a gender be solved in a day?
Being a medical student I can actually prove to you that two X chromosomes don’t make anyone inferior & XY chromosomes don’t make anyone superior either.

I am not a die-hard social activist but rather I am just a selfish human being. I am selfish because I want a society which treats my mother, sister, future wife and daughters with the utmost respect. A society where they won't be judged and stereotyped. A society where they are free to live uncaged and unbound.
However, I also want a society where I can emphasize on men’s rights without being labeled as a misogynistic pig. A society where injustice against men is considered to be of importance.

I want a society where we all can live happily in harmony. A place where equal rights are practiced and politics are non-existent.
   Ladies & Gentlemen, that is an idealistic society which we all desire. Lets do what we have been doing for the past millennium to achieve such a utopia.
Lets go back to sleep again,
Shall we?