On Women by Ayesha Zeb 2nd Year

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To me a wo-man is someone who complements a man. Without whom a man would not be a man. But similarly a woman wouldn't be who she is without a man!

The delicate creature, the aura of femininity, the epitome of care and caution would not be such were there no men- hardcored, masculine  and careless!

 Women have always been given a special importance in each and every society. Even with all the calls for equality; if you really ask women they'd rather be treated as PRINCESSES than stand at par with men toiling day and night. This doesn't rule out the fact that women too have a lot to do or doesnt't state that they are somehow useless. NO! See this is where we (especially the East) is wrong! A woman has work different in domains than a man. She also copes up with the ups and downs trying to make a home out of a reckless social domain. She is the one who is worried about everything. She is the one who is prudent. She has to learn, implement and teach to the next generation. This above all is her job! A job a man seldom achieves perfection at considering all of his worries.

But above all you'll see that a woman is all about finding HOME- peace, comfort, harmony and security. Yes! that is her biggest worry i.e. to own something. Up from an early age she has been told that one day she'll have to leave her birth place- each and every woman! She  spends all her childhood in the care of her family and gains this concept of 'home'. But then early in her youth when the reality kicks in she finds an escape by fantasizing or hoping that somehow the 'home' to come would be even better. A woman's craze about *prince charming* is not that of a tall, cool hunk who would fall in love with her but of somebody who would provide her the care and attention she needs, the sense of security she craves and the sense of belonging she so dearly yearns.

You notice her allegiance shifting from her dad to her lover, then to her husband and later her son. She has influenced each of these people differently and knowingly or unknowingly left a part of herSELF with them. Having said this, a woman is a man's weakness too. You will observe a very harsh man turn into a warm person for her daughter; a knave barbarian turn to a lovable and cultured person for HER!

The chatterbox you witness, the laughter and cheerer has multiple aspects to her credit but among them all the most pronounced being "HER SEARCH OF HOME".

While crediting her endeavours, let us remember that man and woman are two halves of the same story. Our claim of equality falls short if we don't raise our voice for MEN while we celebrate WOMEN's day!

by Ayesha Zeb
2nd Year