My Superwomen by Asma Abrar Hashmi 1st year

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On Women” the topic said. “On women,huhh??” I thought “.So this is what it’s gonna be .The same lengthy monotonous articles on women empowerment and gender equality”.
And as I sit here ,solemnly staring at the ceiling  fan of my room (on the night of my General Anatomy test) gathering ideas , something clicks!! And just like that ,I know exactly what I am going to write.
I am going to avail this time and space to thank all those wonderful women in my life who have empowered me.Who have endured my attitude problems and mood swings and have stayed.Never letting go of me.Who have stuck with me through thick and thin .Never giving up on me. The women who have been my partners in insanity and craziness. Never missing any slightest chance of having fun. The women who have prayed for me ,cried for me  in their Sujood. The women ,who,having dreamt a bad dream about me have called right away to make sure I was alright.The women who have had all that badly cooked food with the most sweetest undeserved compliments.The women who have brushed hair from my feverish head allowing me to cry myself to sleep in their laps.The women who have been my buddies in all those failed baking experiments and have helped me finish up those burnt cookies.Those who have always been available for those last moment shopping sprees,  those late night snacks.
So I take this opportunity to thank them all, for their unwavering support ,for their consistent love and for keeping up with me.
Thank you Ma’am Humaira  Jawad for being there when I was emotionally shattered and most vulnerable to succumb to the negativities of life. Thank you for holding my hand and telling me what I was worthy of .For telling me that I deserved better .Thank you for sparking my ambitions into my passion. For going that extra mile for me when no one else was willing to . I did notice.  You are simply the best and you certainly brought out the best in me .Your belief in me made me believe in myself.
Thank you Mama, for being you. You being you has been the greatest blessing of my life .Though no words can encompass what your presence has meant to me but know that if there is any reason I stand straight today  with my head held high, no longer in conflict with my own principles ,Its You .For all the times I never said thank you because I thought you knew, I thank you now. Living in this crazy world with you to go back home to is much better than a smooth stress free life without having you around .I wish that someday I can be half the person you are today. Above all ,thank you for being my friend.
Last but not the least , my best friends ,Irtiqua ,Hareem and Ammara .I thank you all for those ordinary moments that became extraordinary by your sheer  presence in them. Thank you guys   for thinking of me as often as you  do, for making the extra effort to understand me, for walking one extra lap after another just to listen to me blabber on and on about my problems .For being as crazy as you guys are ;as quirky as you are. Thank you for being my biggest critics , for giving me that extra push whenever I stumble, for the purity of your full attention , for being just one call away whenever I need you .For those hours long late night conversations about nothing in particular , those hilarious birthday texts ,for calling back instantly on a single missed call ,for those midnight snacks , and for being the complete weirdos that you people are. It’s like Donald Miller said and I quote; Each friend represents a world in us. A world possibly not born until they arrive.
Thank you for being the people with whom I can drop the undermost undergaments of dissimulation , courtesy and second thought that I never put off anywhere.

And here is to all those beautiful women in my life who are possibly just one person to the rest of the world but mean the world to me.