My Dear Mother by Yasir Majeed

Wednesday, March 15, 2017 KELS 1 Comments Category :

Angels, come over,
It's time, I can't wait longer,
Ask lord, Lend me a bundle,
Red roses, from heaven the unaffordable,
Deliever, Red roses to the one,
Most beautiful, the caring one,
The one, heart the purest,
She, Lady, The strongest,
She'll be busy, But knock,
For a moment, make time stop,
Don't hurry, don't get her by fear,
Maybe angels can realize her care,
Tell her, To accept the roses,
From one, for him, the door she never closes,
Can you see, her lovely eyes,
Gleaming with love, no lies,
Open the letter, don't make her wait,
Read with love, in this way :
Hello mom, I miss you everyday,
Your prayers, drive away all grey,
You made me strong, I stood,
All your anxiety, For me the brood,
You are strong, but you can't hide,
All the worries on one side,
Don't worry, It makes you older,
Just hold on, a little longer,
I promise, I won't let you down,
The proud, I will be your crown,
I will be your arm, your wrinkled hand,
When you get old, and can't stand,
I know, I can never repay
All your love, each day,
I want to thank you, for all your care,
I love you, My dear Mother!



  1. Bestest one yr.. 😍
    'I will be your arm, your wrinkled hand.'😍
    جہاں جہاں ہے میری دشمنی سبب میں ہوں
    جہاں جہاں یے میرا احترام تم سے ہے