Let It Be A Dream by Eesha Razia-2nd Year

Tuesday, March 14, 2017 KELS 2 Comments Category :

I try to write down this pain
But its all useless all in vain
The world around is so surreal
You cant be gone it cant be real
Did you think of me before you left
Or of the promises that had to be kept
Was it painful for you or painless
How can you leave me in this mess
Without you what will i do
Who could fill this void but you
And now you're gone is what people say
"Let it be a dream" is what i pray
And when my eyes are closed
I still see your face for sure
Deep in my heart i know
That i'm forever stuck in this low
Where no joy would be real
And it still wont be a deal
Cause i will act like its fine
This pain has to be mine
So i'll spend each day like any other
Like i simply haven't lost my mother!