Hell Burns by Mehreen Yawar

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The dark night she spent in hate
But it wasn't darker than her fate
As she lifted her hand to wipe the tears
She couldn't help but feel the burns
When life welcomed all her fears.
She was afraid to speak it out
As no one inclined to see her face
She stood alone in deadly crowd
Everyone looked at her with disgust
Questions arose where she went wrong
No eye could witness the attacker's lust
As nothing but appearance mattered to us
Yes, she should've been a better wife
Stocked up dowry by ruining her dad's life
She should've given a son to you
What's the use of a daughter like her?
She should've been educated too
And should've shut up when you hit her
No, she cannot question when you're late
This is because she's been gifted this fate
How could she dare to be so stern?
Go ahead, she deserves an acid burn
Now as she got her punishment
She warns us of the day of judgment
She believes her face wouldn't affect her speech
Oh what a nonsense dream she has reached!
Waiting for the day she finally learns
There's no such thing as hell burns