Dead Justice by Ahmad Jalil 3rd year

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When Eddie was alive he was told that a zombie doesn’t really feel anything except for extreme hunger. But it was only when he got to experience this whole 'coming back to life' thing first hand, did he realize that wasn’t true. Being a zombie was not a lot different than being a human. The stupid doesn’t go away, the brain still keeps functioning in somewhat of a rational way, a person’s likes and dislikes do change but don’t really disappear altogether.
 If you are an emotional person, you will be an emotional zombie. If you used to be angry all the time back when you were alive, you will keep seeing red when dead. And the things that do change are the ones that really don’t matter, the external beauty and fairness. And contrary to what it seems, it wasn’t cool. Not for Eddie when ,after waking up as a walking dead, one of the very first things that he had to do was prove he wasn’t a sexist.
It all began when a group of really sick and old zombies came to Eddie and told him about their fragile condition.
“We can’t go on like this Eddie. I mean we get it that women should be respected and protected, but look at us!” He lifted his spilled guts from the floor to show them to Eddie even though it was pretty hard to miss them. “Women should start pulling off their weight too. Why do we always have to make the front line of defense when we attack human groups! We get butchered by their bullets!” The old zombie, whose name Eddie either didn’t know or had long forgotten, said with a few tears in his decomposing eyes.
“Yeah Eddie, and the food distribution too, mate. Yesterday I killed a horse in the fields and right when I was about to eat it, Sheila came and demanded I let her begin eating first. And that damned woman nearly devoured it all!” Said another one, holding the first one for support since he only had one leg.
Eddie being passionate about debates agreed to take their case and went to the elders. And that is where it all went to hell.
 “For the billionth time sir, I.AM.NOT.A.SEXIST!” Eddie yelled, frustrated at the response he was getting from the judges. His patience was wearing thin and he was getting really hungry. But unfortunately today was just not turning out to be a good day for him.
“But you did say that women should not be given the chance to eat first Mr. Eddie” said an elder in a very low and monotonous voice.
“No Sir. What I did say was that it should not matter who gets to eat first. Men and women can eat together, can they not!?”Eddie replied
“But do you know how badly women are treated around the world? DO YOU!?” said the only female zombie in the judges’ panel. She was known to be a fierce protector of the rights of women and was presently looking towards Eddie like he had told her he wanted to eat her.
“Yes, I do and I sympathize with those women but why should that earn women a right to eat first and run behind men in a place where they are NOT being oppressed?”
The woman faked a gasp. And seeing her, so did the women walking dead sitting in the audience chairs. Eddie knew what was coming next, a pathetic belief system.
“Do you know how many women die every day just because they are not treated well? Do you know how many women, even after coming back as the living dead, still don’t get the respect they deserve JUST BECAUSE THEY ARE WOMEN!!” She was really starting to get on Eddie’s nerves now.
“Look madame, lots of men are also treated badly around the world. A lot. But still I believe their numbers are nowhere near to the number of oppressed women. I get that, okay? But how is this exactly relevant here?”
“Relevant?? I’ll tell you how’s it relevant you dead rotting ***hole! We don’t get enough rights so we demand equal rights now!” This time it was a young zombie from the audience.
“But you are getting equal rights here!” God they were just repeating same thing over and over! Why the heck were they not able to understand what he was saying! “And when you don’t do what you’re supposed to do and have men to do it for you, HOW’S THAT NOT TAKING AWAY OUR RIGHTS FROM US!!” Eddie was getting furious now. Why couldn’t they understand that the injustice towards women around the globe had nothing to do with his friends not being able to defend women anymore since their bodies were broken and torn apart from years of defending the she-zombies of the clan!
“Typical men. Always bring up MANNISM when we talk about feminism” muttered another zombie in the audience.
“Yeah you heard about our zombie sister that was burnt to death in India because she couldn’t hunt properly anymore because of her age?”
“All men are alike…”
“Just like my ex husband, he was a real ass****….”
“Just can’t take women having some respect…”
“STOP IT! JUST FREAKING STOP IT! Eddie stood up from his chair and yelled towards the crowd that instantly went quiet, looking wide eyed towards Eddie at his sudden outburst. “Why are you so effing dumb! On one hand you talk about EQUAL rights, on the other demand more than men! You stupid creatures! What difference does the gender of the one getting biased treatment make? Why can’t we just help those who need help regardless of their gender! Like my friend Bob here” Eddie pointed towards Bob sitting a few yards away, “Have you ever looked at him? He has almost almost lost all of his body taking hits for YOU!” On cue, Bob stood up proudly and showed his body to everybody which had HUGE holes in in it, bullet holes.
“Let’s come together and play our part in the betterment of the zombie community. I am giving you all equality, men and women should do everything together, be it eating, fighting or defending. Men and women should hunt and kill on their own if they want to keep living with us. Look at Abe” This time Eddie pointed towards a very thin and weak zombie, who on hearing his name stood up and waved his fragile hand towards the panel. His hand fell off. Everyone made disgusted faces and he embarrassingly picked the bony thing up and unsuccessfully tried fitting it back. A couple of zombies sitting around Abe gave him awkward pats on the back. “Abe has been with you since the beginning. He has killed more people than anyone of us, but just look at him. Does he look like a champion killing machine? Abe shifted uncomfortably in his seat as everyone once again started looking at him. “It’s because whenever he brings food here, all the women snatch it from him because somehow over the years we have confused ‘giving women equal rights’ with ‘women are too fragile and cute to do ANY FREAKING THING! And now we are in less numbers because we are the ones to conduct raids and dying for all of you!” He finished while pointing towards the women in the crowd who were pretending to look anywhere but at him.
Thirty minutes later, the elders called Eddie in their chambers. They had found his behavior towards women unacceptable and charged him with being anti-feminist. And in zombie laws, every crime was punishable by death since anything less than that would be pointless for the ones who had already died once. Eddie was to walk into a huge human colony all by himself and there he would be killed by the living- a death fitting for a zombie by dead human rights.
He was told which camp was going to die in. Eddie wasn’t afraid or sad. He was angry at how pathetic and unjust people were.
“I’m sorry Edd. You are truly our hero” said Abe when Eddie was about to leave. He gave Eddie a very awkward one-arm hug.
“Yeah mate, I wish there was something we could do, you know.”said another one. They had all gathered around Eddie to say their goodbyes.
But it was okay. Everything was okay. Being a zombie you don’t really see death as you do when alive. Or maybe that was just how Eddie was. Besides he had a plan in his mind to make his death memorable. He’d go down as a rebel and make his point.
He crept into the designated human camp. It was a huge community and by the way things were, it seemed like they hadn't been attacked in a long time by unwelcome intruders, dead or alive. Their security was very poor, the few guards they had were either asleep or drunk. It was the sort of community which promised a better future, safety and survival in the apocalypse which was all ,of course, a hoax. You can’t be too careful now-a-days. But these folks had settled rather too comfortably into their new lives, something that was proving very useful for Eddie. He looked around, finding his targets. And he did find them. The three women had no idea of the brutal end that was upon them.
Eddie didn’t just kill them. No. Instead he ripped their heads apart, making sure they wouldn't ever come back. He was taking all of his frustration and anger out on them. Their screams got everyone’s attention and people rushed to where they were. Within seconds the firing started but Eddie didn’t care. He lunged at them repeatedly until there wasn’t much left despite the metal piercing his body. He let all of his rage out. If they wanted a sexist, he thought, he’d give them one. A very nasty one too. And finally when he could no longer go on, he turned back and gave a big goofy grin towards his camp. He knew they were watching him, he wanted to make sure they got a good show. At last he fell down, satisfied with his work and ready to leave the unjust world for good.
A couple of dead women stared in horror from his zombie camp. The overkill was insane even by their standards.