A Story Untold by Yasir Majeed

Wednesday, March 15, 2017 KELS 0 Comments Category :

Once there was a girl,
Her dreams, boundless,
Her guts, matchless
Her wings, cutless!
A booming face,
Smiling all the long,
Hatred, to her, was unknown,
Strggle was all she had known!
She lived in a world,
A World full of beasts,
The beasts who abused the girls,
If they saw them succeed!
She was at the verge,
The verge of her destiny,
But all she met,
Was denial, a tyranny!
She was an envious flower,
Fully bloomed!
But waiting for her,
Was nothing but gloom!
Cut by the beasts,
She had her roots,
Who tore her apart,
And, Had her abused!
Burnt with the acid,
The acid of hatred,
Her dreams became,
what she repented!
Once an angel,
Ugly today,
Said the world,
Such a Shame!
This is a story,
A story untold,
But her eyes,
They spelled it all!