DEATH by Hamna Yousuf,First Year

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"Why is grief so saddening?
Why is pain so piercing?
Why does the heart ache so much?
Why is this torment and wretchedness turning me numb and rendering me senseless? It seems even the clouds want to cry to their fullest!!

Thunder wants to deafen us with its shrieks. The sun wants to hide its light over this act of darkness.
Yes its raining both inside and out but wait these rains are different.The rain outside is enjoyed by all and the inside only by the pillow.
The air of despair is so prevalent.It seems that the clamor of silence will stain my ears with blood.
I want to fight with the echo of laughters in the neighborhood. I want to spoil each and every smile.Yes I want to shout on the top of my lungs that how it feels when someone leaves.Leaves for good with no promise of coming back.Yes it feels like the end of this world and not the end of life.”
She ended with a sob with her fingers bit due to fear.

He could see her eyes reddened with affliction.He could hear the struggle to breathe.The struggle to live.
But it strengthened his fury.He got more violent and hard with every tear coming out of her reddened eyes.
And there came those mocking words out of his evil mouth.
" Huh.. But you are still alive honey.You still breath.You are not dead.I can feel it."
But to his surprise these words were deficient in shattering her wretched soul and bleeding heart.

She answered,"I WAS BORN DEAD. I opened my eyes in world of dead.Where dead rule  dead.Where dead kills dead. And where dead die to add to the torment of dead.Where dead mourns over life. Where death grants life.Where death harbingers the onset of journey of foreverness. To return to their Lord to get what they forwarded. I'm not alive friend.I'm not alive.Do you know we are breathing in a world of sorrow. A world from where HUMANITY had an early leave.And after the acceptance of that very leave the office got barren for good.Life,her soul friend, was too fragile to suffer this loss.Thus eventually she also left us  alone.And her departure darkened the whole canvas.Now the death of no-one is distressing. No-one!! And let me tell you another thing,she said half laughing, Nobody mourned over the death of life because there was no one left alive to cherish the sadness.
And my tears were in the remembrance of humanity and not on the departure of another dead.”
And with these words she left
And there lie the dead man awed and stunned by the words of a dead girl.