Tiny Social Evils by Zara Gulrez, 4th Year

Wednesday, June 08, 2016 Sania Tahir 1 Comments Category : ,

     I want to do something for my country. This feeling came in me since I was a small child and I heard incidents of heroism by the martyrs of Pakistan in wars with India in 1965 and 1972. We hear news of politicians looting our country and terrorist attacks killing people. Then there was the heat stroke in 2015 and the earthquake in 2004. We have criticised the politicians for running away with the country's money, mismanaging the funds we sent for the earthquake victims and not acting in time when the heat stroke struck our country but do we think what we can do ourselves.
     For instance, couldn't we medical students have had made an organisation to collect funds or provide medical care to the heat stroke victims. Well, yes, many doctors volunteered to go to the earthquake-struck areas but were they enough. When we blame politicians for corruption, how many times have we given our friends a position in an extra-curricular organisation we could or have allowed someone to do something wrong when we should have said no. In short, corruption is in our minds. We have to remove it by making an effort. We have to remove ourselves from how it entangled us without ours knowing it.
     Our minds have become decayed as a result of trying to please others. When we please others, we are in the end neither successful in pleasing others or ourselves.
     Let us start from the little we can do to improve our country. Let us try to stick to rules at least. Next time, if you want to break the traffic signal do not do it even if nobody's watching you. Also, do not try to overtake the other person's car. Do not try to please your boss by giving him presents for nothing. As students, what we often do is to mark proxies, let us give up this habit.
     I am not saying that I am pure from these tiny social evils. I am not. I am like a human like you are and I am likely to err. However, I try to make an effort to correct myself. I guess this is what God likes too.
     So, next time instead of grumbling how bad we are as a nation, look at yourself first and try to mend yourself.