The Flickering Humanity by Yasir Majeed, First Year

Tuesday, May 31, 2016 KELS 0 Comments Category :

When the darkness prevails around,
I stumble, I fall to the ground 

When the evil cuts me deep,
I try to stand, even if it is steep,

My Humans, they have gone astray,
The peace, it has faded away,

I hear them cry, I hear them scream,
Alas! This hatred has crushed my dreams,

When my flowers wither,
When the pain runs deeper,

My Humans, I rush to save you,
But the darkness, you let it consume you!

I am a flickering flame,
Don't let my light fade away,
I will lead you to peace,
And your pain I shall appease,
Save me my humans,
For I am your flickering 'Humanity' !