Fleeting Moments

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Aliza Mushtaq
1st year MBBS

Three children, two being twins; a brother and a sister of age 9 ,and, another aged 5, a very innocent child with two side pony tails; each of them trying to be the unimpeachable hooligan, being firmly shaded into the delusion that she has a regular appointment. All three very far away from the awareness of the thinned and being thinned further fragile line of the fleeting moments; those little souls are left with, to be rejoiced with the knowledge of her presence with them. All three firmly put into the dupe by their father that they are soon going to go back home, together, and it is nothing but a routine evening family hangout.

Those contented faces, that ignorant giggling, those haunting chuckles; and only you know out of all them, how much of this is going to remain by the next four hours. Only you know, you are entrusted by The Ultimate Power of this universe for the maintenance of that glee profile; and only in your hands will He be putting that magic wand that would save the innocence of all three from being faded away, in the distance, of this shelter-less world; and their shining ignorant eyes, with that beautiful grin on their faces, haunt you for one last time before leaving for the theatre; and finally, you muster up all courage of your heart; and request Him of that magic wand for your fingers to be firm on, and your heart to be solid as rock, and your nerves to be strong as iron.

Four hours last, the three still deluded by the warm satisfaction of their biological father, and the sound of their little toes, running across the lobby, still echoing as the potential most threat to your kinder heart; and finally, the two-forty minutes of time in this earth's dimension is over!

You look at her brain tumour, readily removed, with a pleasing feeling of fulfilment, and place that tumour aside in a jar of apt solution, and you do this as soothingly, as if you have picked up all hard luck from a happy domain and have thrown it away from the kindred. There, you pay humble gratitude to The Driving Force of your lumbricals and interossei, and rejoice by yourself as if the whole of this world's happiness has found way to your soul. You acknowledge the soul of this universe rewarding you with contentment!

Those cheerful titters of all three, and those reiterating giggles of all three, and those unenlightened glittering eyes of all three stop haunting you now The earth beneath your surgeon flats stops shivering, and it seems as if with that magic wand, you have succeeded in silencing the shakes.

You rejoice with the victory of binding the thin line of fleeting moments they were left with the existence of hers. You are left in full awe of the realization that one house on this earth will continue witnessing young souls being brought up under the purity of the affection and care of their biological mother. Three children from one house won't have to make their hearts tough and rough for this world. Their laughter vibrations are still sensed by your auditory centre; but this time, after you have worked your level best those four hours, your heart laughs out with that laughter. You beam inside with the idea of you being His tool for them to not lose their innocence for the loss of their "one anything and everything”. An involuntary smile of victory adorns your face as you watch those kids still under their umbrella of childhood; as you know at the back end, that this childhood was about to witness the brutal art of putting their everything beneath this indifferent earth. The Power of this universe lead your fingers to save those tiny little fingers from this savage torture that could have imprinted hard on their raw fresh conscience; for life!
And your heart sweetly and softly whispers to you