Where are you? by Nabeel Ahmad, First Year

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15th of November 1996

A child was born to Hammad and Sana. As the child entered this world, hearing the child’s first cry put a smile on the face of Mrs. Hammad. Hammad who was walking in circles around the operation theatre was relieved to hear that both the mother and child were in good health. Sweets were distributed and congratulations were received.
It was decided that this precious soul would be called Saad.

17th of December ,1998, Age 2.

His first words were “mamma”.Hearing this Sana had tears of happiness in her eyes.
His first were steps from the Sofa to the coffee table. Hammad recorded this magical moment and always kept this memory in his phone and heart.
His face radiated light brighter than the sun itself. His parents were like the moon, their glowing faces were merely a reflection of their son’s radiating light.

2nd of April 2000, Age 4.

Sana ran frantically around the kitchen preparing breakfast and packing lunch for her husband and little Saad. It was his first day of school.
The couple took their little angel to Young Tulips. A school filled with children’s faces as if they were ripe tomatoes and their laughter echoing through the place.

27th of March 2005, Age 8.

Sana and Hammad have their second child. It was yet another joyous occasion for the family. Saad welcomes his sister Ayesha with open arms but couldn’t help feeling a little jealous as he knew that his parents attention would now be divided.

27th of August 2009, Age 12.

At the day of the final semester results, Saad secured first position in their class. The whole family went out to celebrate and as a promise to his son, Hammad bought him a playstation.
The family was as happy as ever.

19th of March 2011, Age 14.

Saad was in his second teenage year an age where he thought he knew everything.. He spent a lot of time hanging out with his friends than his family.Influenced by the internet, social media,drugs and getting in with the wrong crowd Saad turned as rebellious as ever.  A child who was once studious, obedient and well mannered was now the opposite.
His parents worried, decided that it was high time.They wouldn’t allow this to continue any longer so they gave Saad a piece of their mind.

10th May, 2015, Age 18

Saad leaves home to work and live independently.Considering parents as cumbersome, cold and heartless he left with words of hate. He was done with living as a child and wanted to be an adult. He wanted to be independent.He wanted to be free. He no longer could bear his parents scoldings. His sister was weeping and begging him not to go. “Saad please don’t go. Brother please”
He left.Never to look back not realizing that the gift of a family is a priceless one.
His last words before leaving “I hate you people. I don’t need you.”

27th of March 2016, Age 19.

It was a fine Sunday. Saad was working his usual shift at the movie theatre when suddenly in the middle of the movie, he receives an unexpected phone call.
The call was from Jinnah Hospital asking him to come immediately. Saad was in a state of confusion and immediately took a rickshaw to the hospital.
Upon reaching the hospital, he observed that it was filled to the brim with patients.Most of them being children.
He noticed a young couple sitting besides him, weeping and mentioning of a blast at Gulshan-i-Iqbal park. Hearing this, Saad’s heart jumped out of his chest as he knew this was his family’s favorite place to go at weekends.
An attendant, recognizing him asked him to sit down and informed him of the news that changed his life. His family who was out celebrating Ayesha’s 11th  birthday was no more.
Saad couldn’t believe his own ears. He wept hard and for hours.

Realizing he could never take back his words, he was filled with regret. A regret that he would eat him up and go with him to the grave.

I don't want to be young.
I don't want to be cold.
Mom, where you ?
Please scold.
I don’t want to do as I am told.
My spirit, oh please make it less bold.
Dad where are you ?
Please scold.
Before my very own eyes I see my life unfold.
To ignorance, my life i had sold.
Little Ayesha,where are you?
I wanted to see you grow old.
This time, I have no ones hand to hold.