Tragedy by Hira Asghar,Second Year

Thursday, April 14, 2016 KELS 0 Comments Category : ,

‘Tragedy’ how do u define it? Is it the loss of a loved one? loss in business? loss of a job? any other sort of a worldly loss? OR is it something MORE GRAVE than that..............
Loss of Imaan, Our Faith, Being Disobedient to Allah SWT!!! That’s what REAL TRAGEDY is! Everything else is secondary and temporary.
In fact, the ‘So Called Tragedies’ are a golden opportunity for us to ‘Become Closer to Allah SWT’…The Ultimate Goal of our life! If we seek Allah SWT in our hard times, we can get His pleasure. If Allah SWT is happy with us then that is the BIGGEST ACCOMPLISHMENT of our lives.
Each time that we disobey Allah SWT, neglect His injunctions and follow our own desires, give preference to dunya over deen, commit sins considering them trivial, spend time in ghaflah over futile things empty of the rememberance of Allah SWT …These are the times that are really tragic and miserable! We should mourn over such times and feel regret in our hearts.
Nothing happens in this world out of order! Everything happens for a pretty good reason. Behind every failure and every tragedy lies a LESSON to be learnt. If we manage to go knee deep into the wisdom behind all incidents in our life; then we will be able to mould ourselves into Better Humans, Better Muslims Insha’allah.
This life is just a like game. Initially, small hurdles come our way. Step by step, things start getting more complex. The more hardships we face, the more we are being tested by Allah. If we remain patient all along, higher is the reward awaiting us in Jannah .
Humans are hasty and impatient by nature. We start complaining about such trivial things that didn’t happen the way we wanted. We forget million and trillions of Allah’s blessing upon us and cry over just one difficulty that we come across. So ungrateful we are…
Allah SWT loves us seventy times more than our mothers yet He lets us experience tragedies…why so? Just because He wishes to Purify our souls! Gold gets purified of its impurities when heated at extremely high temperatures. Similarly hardships come to purify us of our negativities.
In short, these ‘Tragedies are Blessings in Disguise!’ Apparently we feel the Loss but in reality it is our ultimate Gain as long as we turn to Allah alone. May Allah SWT strengthen us in our dark times and help us get through with His Mercy! May He guide us all to the right path!