Just Another Tragedy by Yasir Majeed, First Year

Thursday, April 07, 2016 KELS 1 Comments Category : ,

Her throbbing heart, hurting with crushed, silent screams of crying conscience lying hopeless and dying with every beat.

Her head, hairless, hallucinating with the pangs and weeps of her shattered pride lying scattered like the ash of paper clothes burnt all ! Her hands , cold and useless, with the sores of  struggle to save her very petals from the thorns of obscenity.

Her feet,  paralyzed by chains of shame and filth, with soles painted with blood. Her Lips,torn wide apart, stitched with the needles of Hate turned fate.

Her swollen, bruised eyes crying nothing but mere blood looked right into the face of her mother with the guilt of as to why she gave birth to such a curse who was lying on the death bead. There lain a girl, breathing her last in the air polluted with the smoke of Lust !

She didn't ask for justice, for who raped her was no one but her very own father! Just another leaf fell off the tree diseased up to roots with shame and Lust,  or maybe it's just another 'Tragedy'.