It Was Time by Ayesha Javed, First Year

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She sat silently on the thin layer of hay; her bones feeling hard against the ground. A single tear emerged from her eye and rolled down her cheek as she brooded over the helpless situation. Fate had struck her hard, time and time again, but this was by far the toughest decision she had to make in all of her adversity. Her shimmering eyes drifted to her two children sleeping soundly beside her. A sinking feeling gripped at her heart, the tears became frequent.

The curtain at the entrance was displaced as her husband waked in. A piercing cold wind blew through her flimsy clothing, chilling her to the bone. She raised her head from her knees and looked at Amir with pleading eyes.

‘ I have talked to the person in charge and he has made the necessary arrangements. The kids will be on their way to the social service home tomorrow morning,’ he said in an expressionless tone, as if not believing the words coming out of his mouth.

Amna’s head retreated to her knees in self defeat.

‘This is not the life I had planned out for them!’ Amir said looking at the shabby interior of the tent. Ever since Amir had lost his job, wrongly invested his savings, and was forced to live on the streets with his family - his life had become the epitome of misery. Countless nights he had gone to bed on an empty stomach. His ears ringed with the cries of his children. The worry lines on the forehead deepened with the stresses of the future. His mind was boggled by the thought of survival and each new sunrise was another day adding to the anguish and pain. He had had enough. The physical and mental pain had surpassed his threshold of patience and tolerance. The only catharsis to his worry stricken eyes was the sight of his children - but not anymore.

Amir sat down next to his one year old daughter. He bent down and kissed her forehead.

‘The only way they can get the life they deserve is if I give the up for adoption.’

His words ripped through Amna’s soul, breaking it into a million pieces. That night she didn't sleep. ‘ How could I let this happen?’ she thought to herself. ‘ I will work, I will support my children!’ Suddenly her amputated leg came to her mind and she shunned these thoughts. Her injury had prevented her to contribute financially to the family and it killed her inside. She knew the decision Amir had made was in their best interest. How could they raise two kids, when they didn’t even have two pennies to rub together?

She tried to escape from her dreadful reality by reminiscing the tranquil memories of her childhood. The fresh smell of her village and the stress-free moments with her siblings jogged through her mind. She pined to escape back to that time. To a place less tragic, to a place where her soul could breathe.

Her eyes opened from the sound of birds chirping at the crack of dawn. She wrapped her shawl around herself and walked outside the tent. The serenity of the scene almost made her forget about the impending separation of her children from her. In a distance she could see a van turning on the road she was strolling on. A familiar face stepped out of the vehicle, which she recognized as the man from the social service office. He signaled her to bring the children out. It was time!



  1. Its a beautifully constructed piece. Well done ayesha javed.