IF I WAS A SHINING STAR by Kaneez Zainab, Fourth Year MBBS

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If I was a shining star, hitched high up in the sky,
I would have looked upon you with a longing in my eye,
If I was a shining star with beauty and a gleam,
I would have hidden in the clouds and waited for a dream,

I would have looked upon the earth and seen the blood and loss,
The fighting of the races, turning everyday so gross,
I would have seen a brother break a brothers neck to earn,
Oh mercy I would cry at them, why do you never learn!

The brutal way they cut the throats and throw them in the street,
The screaming of a woman who is aching with her grief,
The war that goes on every day, yet there are those at heart,
Who sleep in bliss and glory, for them peace would never part,

If I was a shining star, I would have made some friends,
With children wearing dirty clothes, who could not follow trends,
They roam the roads at day and scan the ground for sight of wheat,
At night they lie and look at me, through eyes so full of need,

And never have I seen two eyes more tearless and more gray,
Yet I can see beyond this look and hear the words they say,
The tale of terror that they hide from everyone around,
The one they say aloud to either me or to the ground,

Their sleepless nights unaided by a mothers hug and smile,
Those hungry days remember how she died down in their eyes,
Oh shot and killed or blasted off, or dead for lack of bread,
The war that's fought for power, at the cost of their dread,

For love of God forgotten I will ask them what they need,
The ones who sit in glory after sowing their seed,
What gain is to be taken when humanity is lost,
And who will pay the deadly bills of human lives they cost,

Just look beyond your castle in the world that you ignore,
For if you were a shining star you would have seen for sure,
The reason that I weep and howl is not so hard to find,
If only you were human and your heart and soul were kind.