Dust-Off by Humna Yousaf, First Year

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“What makes you happy?”
He asked with a low voice, sitting close to an irresistibly ravishing beauty, whom depression has darkened. To this, after a lapse of silence, a silence that depicted her struggle to find the answer, a silence that was bursting with an ocean of thoughts, she replied, "The notion of having somebody in my life who's going to bring me “LIGHT”, a light that will help me to conquer these miles of despair, a light that will grant me the sight of my destination and will strengthen my wrenched being, my tired feet and my dripping heart.”
She sounded like a human who had been struggling hard to find the purpose of her being, to find the reason of her existence: One who has gotten fed up of walking senseless distances. Meanwhile, she found him murmuring to himself; he said, "We are a part of a world where people are doing what they are imposed to do. They have considered the darkness of soul and mind as their fate. People owning brains stuffed with nothingness. Every passing day adds darkness to their dying souls and aggravates their pain of life. It lightens their existence and a day will come when they all will dust-off"
Every word he uttered struck her heart like knives and added to her misery and in the blink of an eye she felt the enfolding darkness around her that kept on condensing every instant. She got numb for a while and suppressed her pain. Her lamp of hope was about to flicker to death. But striving hard to bless it with life she asked him with a shivering voice, "Then what about my Light? Will I never be able to find it? And will Ï leave this place like a nobody?
"Light? Did I hear light?", asked the boy in a mocking tone. "Seems like a lost thing .O girl! This is a world of darkness, a world of despair, a world of grief. We live in an era of apathy. We reside among people who are no more alive. They have suffered from death ages ago but are only living in an illusion."
But this time she failed to control her temper and burst out, "Then why have we being brought in this world, a world void of meaning, a world of nothingness?"
And he answered with a sigh, "To dust-off.”