Working with Jane (The Mentalist fan fiction)

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(Ahmad Jalil, 1st year MBBS)

Disclaimer: I donot own any of these characters. It's just a fanfiction based on the tv series : The Mentalist

"Morning Agent Lisbon", the guard grinned at her as Teresa Lisbon entered the CBI building.

"Hi James" she smiled in return and got into the elevator, ready to start another day of fighting crimes. Working in the CBI was the best thing that ever happened to her. During all those bad years of her childhood, she somehow managed to hold on to her dream of becoming a law enforcing agent. The elevator dinged and she stepped out. Patrick Jane was standing right in front of her.

"Yes Teresa, you are right to be proud of yourself. Not many in your shoes, could have achieved what you did." He said.

It's been years since Jane started working with them, still she hadn't got used to his 'not-so-psychic' psychic powers.

"Very impressive, you want me to ask how you did that? said Lisbon with an eye roll

"Umm.. No Lisbon, I don't want that but still I can tell you to satisfy your curiosity".

"Who says I'm curious??".

"Oh come on Teresa, you're practically begging me to tell you". He said with his one eyebrow raised and a tint of smile on his face, the look that meant 'I'm right and I'm enjoying it!'

"No I'm not" she said, knowing fully well that it was a lie.

"Ok Teresa, if you say so" he said in an unconvincing tone, as he made his way to the elevator.

"Where are you going? asked Lisbon

"Just heading out to run some chores. Nothing to worry about. Oh an you're looking really good today Teresa." He said with his signature smile.

"You know what", Lisbon replied, "now I'm really worried. What are you really up to?"

"Well, like I said it's nothing to be worried about Lisbon. But I'm really on a tight schedule, so I must hurry. Oh and your coffee's on your table". He said with a wave as the elevator doors closed. Of course the smile on his face never left.

He was definitely up to something, she knew that much. But she also knew that she wont know about it until he wants her to know. Lisbon shook her head and continued towards her office.


She looked out of her glass window as she sipped the coffee that Jane had left for her. Her team was the best part of CBI. They were all smart and loyal to her. Two qualities that she valued the most! Van Pelt was typing something on the computer. Rigsby was checking out some files. Of course both of them were stealing glances at each other every few minutes. Cho was sitting on his desk, reading a book. Today was a quiet day, with no new cases to solve or leads on old ones to follow. She took another sip of the coffee. It tasted really good. She leaned back on her chair, taking on a more relaxed posture. It's been almost half an hour and Jane hadn't returned yet. She wondered what was he doing.

"I really hope you're not running into trouble Jane.." she said out loud. Working with Jane had been a roller coaster ride. He was the most intelligent and genuine person that she had ever seen. The way he solved cases, it was sometimes quite hard to believe that he was an ordinary human being. There were times when she was almost sure that he was a real life psychic. But every time she brought it up, he said the same thing

"There's no such thing as psychic Lisbon"

Of course there isn't. She was a science person. But seeing Jane work and deduce accurate conclusions from almost non existent evidence, not to mention his very creepy and equally amazing mind reading abilities, it was quite convenient to believe that psychics exist. A knock on the door broke her chain of thoughts. It was Rigsby.

"Can I come in boss?" He was looking pretty concerned.

"Sure Rigsby. What is it?" She knew it was something very important by seeing the look on his face.

"It's about Red John. The local PD found an abandoned building with Red John's signature on it".

She was right. It was really important. It's been weeks since they had something solid on the famous serial killer.

"Let's go then" she said as she stood up from her chair.

"Yeah boss, but there's more to it. The police also arrested a dodgy looking guy from the scene.. who they, based on their initial investigation, believe to be very closely related to our serial killer..... They think they have a real shot to get to Red John through him" said Rigsby, putting emphasis on the last line

"Really? That's huge. Tell the cops to double that man's security and don't let him out of their sight till we get there. I'll call Jane." said Lisbon in her boss like tone as she dialed the consultant's mobile number.

"Hi Lisbon".

"Yes Jane, where are you? The local PD has caught a man they believe to be related to Red John. We're going to meet them right now." she said as she got into the elevator.

"That's good Lisbon. You go ahead. I don't think I can make it. I'll meet you back at CBI."

Something was not right. Jane would never give up an opportunity to get closer to Red John for anything in the world.

"Jane .. Did you hear what I just said. This man could be our lead to Red John". said Teresa

"Yeah well then you should go and get him Lisbon.."

"Why are you not coming? I thought you'd insist on taking the lead on this one"

"Yeah well, I'm a bit busy at this moment Teresa and besides I completely trust you and the guys to do take him in without me". She could feel him smiling.

"You're really worrying me Jane. Whatever you're upto, don't do anything stupid, ok?

"Stupid? Since when have I ever done anything stupid?" he said with a bit of humor in his voice

Teresa smiled and shook her head "Just hurry up whatever you're doing and meet us back at hq"

"Take care Lisbon, bye"


Lisbon was sitting in the interrogation room with the man they brought in. It's been an hour but still she couldn't have got one thing out of him. She was feeling frustrated and angry at Jane for not being here. She could really use his help here. Sometimes she wondered what would she do without Patrick. She had to admit it, almost all of her cases were closed either by that consultant or with his help. Just then the door of the room opened and in walked Patrick Jane.

"Jane.. Where were you?" she said quietly to him, "I've been sitting here for like an hour but he is not telling me anything. I..."

"Yeah well Lisbon free this man, he has done nothing wrong", he said cutting her off, "Hey you can go now", he said looking at the man.

"Thank you mister, I was beginning to worry that you might never show up" said the man grinning at Jane.

Lisbon was perplexed. She pulled Jane out of that room with his arm

"What was that? Free this man? You just show up and you already know this man is innocent?" she asked angrily, "and how does he know you!?"

"Lisbon he knows me because I sent him to draw Red John's signature on that building."

"You what..?! Why would you do that?"

"To draw your attention away from what I was doing of course." he said it like it was the most obvious thing in the entire world.

"And what is it you were doing Jane that was so secretive that you had to do this to get our attention off of it?"

"Well, I would show you but first thing's first. My friend in there is wants to leave this country, maybe he'll go to Asia or something. We need to give him CBI security till his flight. After all, he just imitated world's biggest serial killer." said Jane pointing towards the interrogation room.

"Jane do you even realize what have you done? Do you know how much heat I'm gonna get from the police and CBI. And.. And you put a civilian's life in danger JUST BECAUSE YOU WANTED TO STAY AWAY FROM OUR RADAR??!"

"Meh.. You worry too much Lisbon. And besides what I was doing was totally worth all that".

"Really? And what is it that you were doing Jane"

He came close to her and whispered, "I've got the best lead on Red John in years Teresa"

"You did?" Lisbon was surprised and excited. If Jane thought his lead was good, then it must be really good. "All right then tell me..! What is it?"

"But that would just spoil all the fun. How about I show you?" he said with a grin on his face. "Release my friend in there, give him some good security and meet me outside" he said as he walked away. "Hey guys!" He said to the team, "We're leaving..", he looked back, grinned at Lisbon and then disappeared.

Working with Jane sure had its perks, but at times it was too damn difficult and frustrating..