Kemcolian Chronicles: An Interview with King Edward's Resident Graphic Designer Qudrat Ullah Rana

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Shajee Ud Din and Ammar Anwar

Having designed the amazing cover of KEMCOL 2013 and a plethora of posters for KEMUNITED and KELS, Qudrat Ullah Rana from 4th Year MBBS is a talent to behold. An amalgam of various capabilities, he has been vital to King Edward's Dramatics and Debating Societies. Read on to find out his views about all things King Edward...

Your name?
*laughs sarcastically* Pata tou hai tumhain

Have you ever longed for CR-ship?
Oh na bhai na, CR ko dekh kar dil main khayal aata hai ke bechaaray ko ghar main samjhanay wala koi nai hai! Laughs.

Remember the first time you were ragged?
Han, han. Yaad hai. Kaise bhool sakta hoon. Frowns. College main hui thi pehli ragging. Seniors ne class main janay se pehle rok liya, Main dil main bola "Bakwas band karo yaar, class lene do. Pehli class hai, yadgar honi chahiye."

Waqei main pehli class yadgar rahi ho gi *laugh*
First time you ragged a junior?
Bus aik junior ki ragging ki thi. Naam poocha, intro liya aur ganay ganwaye. Aur phir sirf aik coke ki bottle pila di. Waise junior ne lazmi kaha ho ga ke kitna kanjoos hai. Oh bhai, maine koi khilanay wala kaam he nai karwaya uss se. Smiles.

Thoughts on Humans of KEMU? Since you're an admin.During MBBS, we go into depression. People think that the life of an MBBS student is the most miserable one. The students of Intermediate classes think that we, KEMColians, are aliens. Every KEMColian has faced hardships at any point of time in his life. Humans of KEMU is an inspirational and optimistic effort to introduce KEMColians to the world.

Thoughts on KDS and KEDS?
These are the two societies that give you an opportunity to make people think. I personally love declamation. I take it seriously. There should be a clear message in the lines of what I say in declamatory speeches. Plus, I love 'chulbuli' acting. Smiles.

What are your aims in life, apart from being a doctor?
Of course my first priority is becoming a doctor. Apart from it, I want to become the most favorite child of my parents and Alhamdulillah I am doing so.

One word about your batchmates.
ADHD. Laughs.

What is ADHD? 
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Syndrome. A "physiological state" excluding me and a few others.

One word about your juniors.
I would say, brothers and sisters. But since you demanded one word, "siblings."

They say you're the "Stud" of KEMU.
Nah. What can I say. It's none of my talents. Just His blessing. Smiles. One should just dress and present himself nicely. It's not a matter of looking good. Why be so racist about this. Some people are ugly within and good looking apparently. It's just the content within that matters. Smiles.

A message to a dull bookworm?
Umm... Well, everybody has a theeta inside him. You've got to beat it to know what's going around you. 

Can you be considered in the category of "Theeta" as well?
Han, main bhi hoon. "Nobody is cool enough not to study in exams." Being a responsible person, you should do what you're here to do. You can actually ignore the feeling but eventually you have to listen to your inside voice that you have to study.

Any inspiration in KEMU?
All the seniors are my inspiration. You'll soon realize how important the seniors can actually be, in KE, away from home. There was a point of time in my life in 3rd Year when I was depressed, so lost in the temporary world that I forgot the true purpose inside. At that point, two seniors brought me closer to God, and they're my inspiration.

Thoughts on King Edward?
I don't know who King Edward actually was. Fits of laughter.

I mean, thoughts on KEMU?
Haye ab kiya bataun, KEMU is love.

Waise Qudrat Bhai, aap ke cute hone ka kia raaz hai?
Main woh buhat khaata hoon...

Kia matlab?
Aray main jo bhi khata hoon DHO KE khata hoon. Roars of laughter.

Thank you Qudrat Bhai for your time.