Kemcolian Chronicles: Interview of Ex-CR Batch '18 Mashhood Iqbal

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Interview of Ex-CR Batch 18

Mashhood Iqbal

By: Omaima Gul Qureshi and Aimen Saeed

Topping the MCAT is no easy task, and joining the best medical university only to find yourself as the CR--them main centre of attention--is even more daunting. Read on to find how Mashhood Iqbal, one of the most humble kemcolians ever, managed his responsibilities, amidst problems and conflicts that threatened to overwhelm, if not topple, the balance of affairs...

Jee mashhood kaisay hain aap?
Allah ka shukr!

A few words about CRship:

1st day jb CRship mili to us waqt men CR nhi ban'na chahta tha. Sochta tha bht azab hongay. Abhi undecided hi tha k maam ny bulaliya to socha Chalay Ga! Smiles. Dukh nahi hua CRship k jaanay ka. 2nd yr k start men Sheharyar aur Mohsin nay refuse kia to Mam Raffea ny mujhay kaha: Continue kro. Welcome party se kuch din pehlai, sheharyar ka sudden mood bn gya. Smiles. 
I'm feeling relieved now.

Few sentences about Lubaba (Ex-GR)
Lubaba--theek thi, Nice.Decent. Kabhi nahi danta. Laughs Har kaam bata kr krti thi ,ye us ki bohat achhi aadat thi. Albta msg ka reply sometimes bohat late krti thi Laughs 

if you are provided with this chance again, will you avail it?
Dekha jae ga. Laughs

Aur marzi ki GR select krni ho to?? 
Thinks. Lubaba jesi ho 

Reaction from HODs for delaying tests?
HODs are always firm. Wese biochemistry k tests to men khud hi plan krta tha. Chuckles  aur jahaan tak daant ki baat hy to .. Sir Shakeel daant'tay thay k "tum ny class ko tabaah kia hu hy" Laughs. 

A word about societies?
I have not joined any society. mera opinion hai ke "sukoon se raha jaye". Isi liyay to CR hi nhi ban'na chaahta tha.

Any Hobbies?
Watching movies (science, fiction, action movies); Hoteling. 

Most critical moment in the whole period was MALAL2. 

Cooking kr laitay ho?

Bilkul nhhi.. even i can't peel fruits properly.Grins

Kabhi 8 o' clock class main pohanchey ho? 
Bohat kam. 8:15 ho hi jate hain. If there is a strict teacher inside, my friends stay behind me..mujhay dekhtaay hain k pehlay CR phir hum. Laughs

Best time you ever had in KE?
The time of our class trip.

Best Friend?
Abdullah bin Naeem . Aur CRship men sb se ziaada help Khizar aur Shahzad ny ki hy.

Moment when you were nearly overwhelmed by overburden?
Most critical moment in the whole period was MALAL2. 

Any wish of yours which remained unfulfilled? 
No. Mein ne sab kiya jo mujhay karna chahiye tha.

Aapki life men itni bari tragedy hogye. Mother ki death k baawjood u topped MCAT and made to KE. Words of inspiration for everyone?
Mama ki death April 2013 men hui thi , 2-3 months men ny sb kuch chor diyaa tha. Then i realized k ab aagaay kuch bhi nhhi hy, kb tk? I stood again.

'' I just strongly realized how temporary our lives are. We all r just busy in doing things of this world as this world is everything for us. But most importantly hum Allah k islam k rastay per chalna chahye agar is per chalney se jo skoon milta hy vo or kisi cheez men nae. Aur is rastay per chalo to dunya ki har mushkil ka samna boht asani se kr sktey hyn. Us wqt i was totally shattered from inside aur kuch smjh nhhi aati thi. because kuch bhi karlein this cannot be changed. End mai bus Allah par bharosa karna hota hai."

Jab koi chala jata hai to sab kuch waisey hi chalney lagta hai, bus problems reh jati hain. Waqt tour par sab kuch khatam ho jata hai. Lekin in the long run, we need to try to get over it and don't get disheartened. That's my message.

Show more respect for some teachers. Everyone should show maximum participation in events too. This is for everyone.There should be some unity among us..e.g agr chutti krni hy kisi din to koi bhi na jae us din..5 6 bchaay chlaay jaatay hain Laughs

Thank you Mashhood Iqbal for your time.